party … pinterest party!

Today, one of the blogs I read, Mrs. Priss, talked about a Pinterest Partayy! For those of you not in the know, Pinterest is amazing. It’s addicting. It’s awesome. In a nutshell, it’s a social networking site that allows users to “pin” images to a virtual bulletin board. Think of pinning as a form of bookmarking. Once you set up a Pinterest account, you can create different boards based on themes – think “cooking,” “travel,” and “clothing.” You can then pin items you see in online catalogues, blogs, etc. Pinterest also allows you to follow other users. I am not as active as I should be, but feel free to check out my account:

Anyhoo, the Pinterest Partayy involves the following:

1. Complete a project based on something you’ve seen on Pinterest.
2. Show off your mad skills on your own blog.
3. Fill out this form to link up your entry. Deadline is January 15th.

I decided to take the challenge and with only a few weeks to complete my project, quickly narrowed down my choices to the following:

Rubber-Band Vases

Seashell Wreath

Button Letter

I want to do all of these at some point, but am thinking I will challenge myself and go with the button letter. My goddaughter Kate just learned how to spell her own name, and had her room repainted so the timing is perfect! I promise to post the results by January 15th! Btw, I am going to tweet this to my two friends Erin and Stephanie, whom I believe should join me on this journey!

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